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At Heartland Dermatology Center we believe that being transparent about the cost of health care is important. With our “Customer” as our number one core value, we are committed to providing price transparency so that our customers can adopt the kinds and type of behaviors seen by consumers of care. To act as consumers, one must have pricing information as well as comparative performance information as well. Not only are we voluntarily publishing pricing information but are also providing customer satisfaction feedback as reported by you, our customers. This information, measured in the form of Net Promoter Scores, is obtained after each visit and is collated and reported in aggregate on a provider-level breakdown.


Price Transparency

Having meaningful cost and service quality information available and easy to understand in the hands of the consumer is valuable and setting the standard for the future of healthcare. The Transparency in Health Care Prices Act (Senate Bill 17-065) helps to ensure prices are accessible to the public. Currently, this rule, effective the first of this year, only applies to hospitals operating within the United States which are now required to publish fee schedule information for customers. As leaders in Dermatology, we strive to set the standard. Part of setting the standard is doing what is right by the consumer. We believe so strongly in this that we are voluntarily publishing our pricing and satisfaction data to provide consumers with essential information that they deserve. Heartland is committed to sharing information and it is our hope that we can lead the way for others in the dermatology space and the overall industry to follow suit.

Heartland Dermatology Prices

Select a treatment/service type below.

CPT Description Standard Fee
99202 New, level 2  $115.99
99203 New, level 3  $179.18
99204 New, level 4  $269.58
99212 Established, level 2  $90.77
99213 Established, level 3  $146.63
99214 Established, level 4  $207.29
CPT Description Standard Fee
17000 Actinic Keratosis – 1st lesion  $107.94
17003 Actinic Keratosis – lesion 2-14 (each)  $10.61
17004 Actinic Keratoses (15 or more)  $295.90
7110 Benign Lesion destruction (SKs, Warts) up to 14 $180.37
17111 Benign Lesion destruction (SKs, Warts) 15 or more  $211.31
CPT Description  Standard Fee
11102 Single Shave Biopsy  $158.87
11103 Additional Shave Biopsy  $79.61
11104 Single Punch Biopsy  $197.58
11105 Additional Punch Biopsy  $94.10
CPT Description  Standard Fee
11400 Benign Excision (trunk, arms, legs) 0.0-0.5cm  $203.25
11401 Benign Excision (trunk, arms, legs) 0.6-1.0cm  $248.06
11420 Benign Excision (scalp, neck, hand, feet) 0.0-0.5cm  $201.78
11421 Benign Excision (scalp, neck, hand, feet) 0.6-1.0cm  $254.59
11440 Benign Excision (face, ears, mucous membrane) 0.0-0.5cm  $228.15
11441 Benign Excision (face, ears, mucous membrane) 0.6-1.0cm  $277.13
11600 Malignant Excision (trunk, arms, legs) 0.0-0.5cm  $313.06
11601 Malignant Excision (trunk, arms, legs) 0.6-1.0cm  $363.62
11620 Malignant Excision (scalp, neck, hand, feet) 0.0-0.5cm  $314.48
11621 Malignant Excision (scalp, neck, hand, feet) 0.6-1.0cm  $364.49
11640 Malignant Excision (face, ears, mucous membrane) 0.0-0.5cm  $322.84
11641 Malignant Excision (face, ears, mucous membrane) 0.6-1.0cm  $376.71
CPT Description  Standard Fee 
12031 Intermediate Repair (trunk, scalp, extremities) 0.1-2.5cm  $416.19
12032 Intermediate Repair (trunk, scalp, extremities) 2.6-7.5cm  $482.00
12051 Intermediate Repair (face, ears) 0.1-2.5cm  $448.89
12052 Intermediate Repair (face, ears) 2.6-5.0cm  $500.80
13100 Complex Repair (trunk) 1.1-2.5cm  $539.30
13101 Complex Repair (trunk) 2.6-7.5cm  $628.36
13120 Complex Repair (scalp, arms, legs) 1.1-2.5cm  $562.43
13121 Complex Repair (scalp, arms, legs) 2.6-7.5cm  $674.14
13151 Complex Repair (eyelids, nose, ears, lips) 1.1-2.5cm  $670.86
13152 Complex Repair (eyelids, nose, ears, lips) 2.6-7.5cm  $788.46
CPT Description  Standard Fee 
17311 1st stage (head, neck, hands, feet)  $1,081.65
17312 each add’l stage after 1st (head, neck, hands, feet)  $654.71
17313 1st stage (trunk, arms, legs)  $1,051.61
17314 each add’l stage after 1st (trunk, arms, legs)  $647.06
CPT Description  Standard Fee 
88304 – 26 Cyst, tag  $18.11
88304 – TC Cyst, tag  $49.63
88305 – 26 other than cyst  $59.90
88305 – TC other than cyst  $55.34
CPT Description  Standard Fee 
96900 Narrowband UVB $38.73

Explaining Line Items

The price charged is filed to insurance – further clarifications of what this means is described below:

Standard Fee vs What you Pay:

The amount of money you will be responsible for paying is generally determined by your insurance company and your specific benefit plan. Unfortunately, we do not have this benefit plan information available prior to your appointment. The best source of information about what you will owe comes from your insurance provider as they are aware of what services are covered, who is in network, network discounts agreed upon, and the amount of cost-sharing (coinsurance) that you are responsible for based upon services received. There are many other factors including deductibles, and medication coverage that is at the discretion of your insurance provider and the details of the plan package you or your employer purchased.

*In addition to our excellent patient care, we are proud to be one of the first in our community to voluntarily share our prices so our patients can be best prepared for the potential costs related to their healthcare needs. When estimating total costs, customers should be certain to include all of the services provided and understand that additions and changes are frequently made during your visit, and often includes lab services which are determined on the basis of the results obtained. If you have questions about what is included in your visit, please ask your provider of care for your visit who will be happy to clarify for you.

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