Making a difference in our community.

Together as a team, we're making an impact on our community across the entire state of Kansas.


The Heartland Dermatology IMPACT2024 Dashboard is a place for our team, community, and other stakeholders to visualize and comprehend the dynamic and direct impact of Heartland’s leading asset – our human capital. We’re proud to employ the best and brightest individuals across all facets of skin health who have an influential effect on the overall health of Kansans. Our people have a genuine passion for improving our patients’ health, self-confidence, and education on what it means to be skin-healthy.

Love from our community.

Impactful Figures from the last year at Heartland.


Patients visited our offices.

More than any other practice in the state of Kansas. We also added two new practices to our group, making us the largest dermatology group in the state.


Skin cancers diagnosed so far.

Your diligence and compassion has potentially saved thousands of lives. We're in this fight together, and our community couldn't do it without you.


Mohs cases completed in-office.

Your hard work and dedication has changed the lives of our patients. Not only have you contributed positively to the well-being of our community, but you've also helped administer the most innovative life-saving technology available.


Dermpath cases processed & read.

Together, we've diagnosed, treated and cured thousands of cases that may have otherwise gone unchecked.

A few more ways you’ve impacted our community.


New patient visits.

That's a big number of new faces that we've never seen before. Together, we're normalizing skin health and routine checkups.


Free community skin cancer screenings.

Sometimes, it's all about accessibility. Your contribution to making skin cancer screenings free and available all over our state has helped saved lives.


Kansans employed.

You are a part of a network of families all connected by the same passion for skin health. We're growing, too! We're thrilled to employ so many Kansans.


Empowering the Heartland.

Heartland Dermatology aims to advance the following organizational vision: Ideal Skin health throughout the Heartland

The mission of Heartland Dermatology is: Setting the standard for excellence in dermatologic care throughout the Heartland by the provision of high-quality comprehensive medical, surgical, and cosmetic services that are patient-centered, convenient, and accessible.

The values of Heartland Dermatology are:

1. Customer –  Patient care, customer experience, and service are the nucleus of the organization and our ultimate “why” we do what we do.

2. Team & Teamwork –  Providing an excellent place to work and a culture of teamwork and collaboration are essential to our success.

3. Excellence – Commitment to pursue the highest quality in all we do.

4. Financial Stewardship – Exercising careful and responsible management of that which has been entrusted to us, eliminating waste, and seeking opportunity and efficiency.

5. Community – We accept shared responsibility for our community and work to enhance the quality of life where we live and work. Doing our part to support programs that strength our community and assist those in need.

6. Fun/Joy – We seek to create a culture of contentment and safety that enables one to enjoy their role and where they can have fun doing important work. We take our work very seriously… we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We hope to hear laughter each day from customers and team members.

More than just dermatology.

As one of the top providers of top-quality dermatologic care throughout the Heartland, our entire team strives to provide every single patient with ideal skin health, self-confidence, and the tools to properly manage the way we take care of ourselves.

Our mission statement is simple; we aim to set the standard for excellence in dermatologic care throughout the Heartland by the provision of high-quality comprehensive medical, surgical, and cosmetic services that are patient-centered, convenient, and accessible. As we continue to grow, our ability to achieve these goals will be driven on the backbone of our core beliefs; patient care, teamwork, a commitment to excellence in our field, financial stewardship, community leadership, and fun, joy and passion for what we do.

We can’t wait to introduce you to our entire team of compassionate healthcare professionals!

Serving the Heartland for over 40 years.

Happier, healthier skin begins right here at Heartland Dermatology.

The health of your skin can be daunting, and that’s something our entire staff of compassionate skin care providers understands here at Heartland Dermatology. It all starts with a simple consultation — just let us know why you’re here.