Dermatology Treatments in Kansas

Heartland Dermatology invests in the latest dermatological technologies to help treat both the most common and challenging conditions affecting your skin


We are proud to offer our patients access to some of the best dermatologic providers in the entire state. Whether you’re looking for medical, surgical or cosmetic dermatology, our team of passionate skin health professionals are standing by to learn about your goals.

We have been serving Western and Central Kansas families since 1977 with offices in Salina, Hays, Great Bend, Newton, Dodge City, Concordia, McPherson, Wichita, and El Dorado. Scroll down to learn more about the various treatments we offer here at Heartland Dermatology.


Acne occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with dead skin and oil. The result is pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and even cysts.


There are many types of rashes and just as many causes! We effectively diagnose and treat rashes of all kinds.


Dermatitis can have many causes including allergies and dry weather.


Eczema is a condition that causes inflamed, irritated, and often itchy skin. Many new, effective treatments are available.


This is a painful condition that causes cysts and boils. It is commonly found in the underarms, abdominal folds, and groin.


Wrinkles and lines can be caused by age, movement, and sun exposure. Let us help you find the right options for helping you look your very best!


Otherwise known as pruritis, itching can have a variety of causes. We help find the cause and treat your itch!


Moles are a normal finding for most people. New or changing moles can be a warning sign of skin cancer.


Psoriasis develops when the body makes skin cells too quickly. This causes skin cells to pile up and form scaly patches on the skin.


Warts are caused by a virus in the skin. They can be found anywhere on the body, including the soles of feet and palms of hands.

Scalp & Hair

Whether you are dealing with a flaky, itchy scalp or hair loss, we have treatments available to help you feel and look your best!

Skin Allergies

The skin is affected by allergens too! This can be seasonal or an allergy to something your skin is coming into contact with.

Skin Growths

We offer diagnosis and treatment of both benign and malignant growths of the skin.

Sun Spots

These spots are often seen on the sun exposed areas such as the face, neck and hands.


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