Benign Lesion Removal

At Heartland Dermatology, we know the cosmetic and confidence-boosting effects of the removal of a benign lesion. In these cases, we use what is called surgical excision. This standard technique involves removal of the lesion with a scalpel taking adequate tissue around the margins of the lesion. The margins are later evaluated by a pathologist to ensure the complete removal of the lesion.

Surgical excision is most commonly used on cysts, scar revision, lipomas, and moles. Moles are benign lesions having a uniform color generally ranging from dark brown to flesh color. They are well defined oval to round shaped lesions that everyone has. While moles are probably determined before birth most appear in childhood and darken with exposure to the sun. Over time they usually get larger but remain asymptomatic. Occasionally, moles may itch or bleed when traumatized but the make up of the mole remains unchanged.

Occasionally a mole may become a cancerous growth called a melanoma. Recognizing that a mole is changing in asymmetry, shape, color or size could alert the individual that the mole is becoming a cancerous growth. Other things to watch for are moles that bleed, itch, become painful, or first appear when a person is past twenty.

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