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Alcohol Detox Program Beverly Hills

Alcohol Detox Program Beverly Hills

90210 Recovery offers the best alcohol detox program in Beverly Hills at a high-end facility with advanced amenities. We are a leading Beverly Hills drug rehabilitation center with an experienced staff team, playing an integral role in each of our patients' healing and recovery process.

Psychotherapies that aid in treating alcohol addiction

We use a variety of psychotherapies and behavioral sessions to identify and treat the troubling symptoms that prevent you from functioning normally. These psychological methods also help improve your overall well-being, as they rely on personal interaction with certified therapists and mental health experts. Some of the programs include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Cognitive behavioral therapy is highly effective in identifying and controlling problematic thoughts and emotions in patients. We use this therapy to help you establish connections between your thoughts and actions and provide comfort and interior balance.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy - At our Beverly Hills CA rehab center, we use DBT to teach mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance to recovering addicts. It is a key tool to help you stay in control of your emotions, which can make sobriety easier. 
  • Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) - This therapy teaches you how to take responsibility for your feelings, actions, and behaviors in various situations and events. It is a vital procedure when it comes to resolving behavioral problems and promoting mental wellness.

Dual diagnosis and alcohol abuse

Most people with an addiction condition suffer from a co-occurring mental health issue. As one of the leading Beverly Hills alcohol use treatment centers, we use a combination of individual therapy, process groups, family support, and evidence-based modalities to help our patients overcome their addiction and mental issues.

By identifying and addressing your underlying cause of addiction, we significantly reduce the chances of relapse and help you attain sustainable success with recovery. We will assign a therapist and a social worker to work with you through individual therapy, counseling, weekend recreational activities, and small group therapies to coach you on essential life-skills.

Our holistic approach to treating alcohol addiction

We follow a holistic approach to addiction and substance abuse treatment in Beverly Hills, which allows us to identify and address the imbalances and imperfections in your body, mind, and spirit.  

This type of approach helps in the healing of interdependent areas and will help you attain a safe, speedy, and sustainable recovery. For psychological support, we use medication-assisted therapy, intimate daily groups, individual therapy, and psycho-educational groups. Services like life-skill sessions, chiropractic care, private gym, on-call physician, and 12-step meetings are ideal for physical development. In addition, we use tools like yoga, meditation, and other creative therapies to promote long-term spiritual healing.

Let us help you get started on recovery! Call us now at 844-462-8571! Visit our website, and our Beverly Hills alcohol use therapist will reach you shortly. At 90210 Recovery, we offer a highly effective alcohol detox program in Beverly Hills at affordable prices. Seek help for treatment today!

Alcohol Detox Program Beverly Hills
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